New forms of rationality and liberation

  1. Describe the reasons behind our collective effort at to develop a set of tools to interact with Proximity Tracing technologies (to scan, visualize and analyze traffic)
  2. Draw a techno-political scenario in which to inscribe and recognize current tensions around the growing need for more surveillance in Europe.

It’s hard to play blind

We will have to face an economic crisis of epic proportions whose direct cause are the lockdown measures.

Herd Sensing and Health

We are not surviving through a failure of the health-care sector.

Everything will look like a counter-intelligence operation. Future societies may well be about equipping everyone with “personal intelligence devices”.

Here we are going beyond Matt’s concept of “Self-Sensing and Health” to a new dimension in which we’ll be “Herd-Sensing”. Going to a concert, to a party, to the gym or to sing in a choir will hardly ever be the same again; we will be so overwhelmed with smetvrees (Dutch only, sorry) and health concerns about public and social life that we’ll need a cybernetic device to handle them for us and our family.

Jude Law in Gattaca (1997)

Hacking with care

Mostly for the best, sometimes for the worst, hackers have been the heroes of the last decade. Beyond the surface of the tech startup hype, our heroes had more to do with fighting government corruption, improving journalism, redefining integrity in intelligence and nurturing a modern passion for internationalist social justice.

With the COVID19 emergency the hacker ethos is challenged more than ever by the looming dichotomy between privacy and safety.

Setting that aside for a moment — will come back to it later —its worth stating that hackers are like developers: we care about our surrounding, its just a bit more complex because it includes more networked places and people.

“Corona app! yes or no?”

All fine, then?

No, it’s not all fine.

“The romanticization of the quarantine is a class privilege!” — Johnny E. Williams
…do COVID19 spread via FAX?!?

Without making space for new forms of rationality and new forms of liberation there won’t be neither a fix for the old institutions, nor a birth of new ones.

 by the author.



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