Why proximity-tracing is important and its integrity should be contextual

We want to break free

and that’s how I feel going through my days

I’m not saying that “if you haven’t experienced this you know nothing”, but make sure you understand it well before drawing the conclusion that proximity-tracing is evil. Then make up your mind about an exit strategy.

Imagine surfing the logistic curve

I believe that proximity-tracing has incentives for its use and does not need to be obligatory.

What are the risks

To balance Privacy and Urgency

it is NOT OK to have “one app to trace them all” (artwork by Jason Ivens)

Don’t trust profit-driven organisations to manage data. Systems engineered for a social purpose should be governed according to social concerns and priorities.

I believe is very bad if Google+Apple will develop the app and provide this service to the world. But they aren’t! providing an SDK is a good contribution to our needs!

Is monitoring all we need?

We need zero-knowledge proof credentials and localized adaptable open source frameworks for on-site and on-line authentication.

going on like this we may end up wearing our self-certified declarations as t-shirts

 by the author.




Inventor, Ph.D. Dyne.org think &do tank

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Inventor, Ph.D. Dyne.org think &do tank

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